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Health and wellbeing start with the right products. Get your supplements and vitamins customized to your needs. Our supplements are formulated with selected and combined ingredients in order to improve your health.

Nutraceutical Line

Eliminate toxic substances with our metabolic clearing line. PürRestore, PürAssist One, PürAssist Two and PürAssist Three are responsible of the processes where toxic agents are eliminated of your body.

Technology Kit for Health
Data Tracking Equipment

Have secure access to reliable health data. Our set of custom data collection solutions have the most engaging connected devices, featuring custom data collection solutions, a secure platform, remotely access and a decade of experience.

Specialized Test Kit

A kit with more than 6 Specialized Test, which include Adrenals, Hormones, Testosteron & Andropause, Estrogen & Menopause, Hormonal Metabolites / Biotransformation, Heavy Metals, Dried Urine and Dried Blood Spot Test

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Who we are?

EuPüre is known for top-quality supplements and health enhanced products, the company drives advancement by focusing on patient’s wellness, unique product formulations and unprecedented quality control. We guarantee the availability of our products across the United States. Many experts of the Novis Health™ family chose our solutions.

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Our customers have come to expect full service from us including product technical and medical support, research and science resources. We understand the importance of clinical results when recommending nutritional products to your patients.


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