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Why Novis Health

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Our patients are family and we treat you the way you should be treated, not the way insurance and pharmaceutical companies feel you should be treated.


The Novis Difference


Breakthrough Membership Model.

For the first time, experience healthcare that is truly customized for you. At Novis Health, we believe there is more to healthcare than prescription medications and annual exams.

The Innovative Leaders in Functional Medicine.

Our team of providers has thousands of hours in clinical training on very specific conditions such as autoimmune thyroid disease, diabetes, and more.

The Most Comprehensive Medicine Solution.

Our team consistently goes above and beyond their requirements for continuing education and are constantly training on the latest research and techniques in 21st century medicine.

Our Process

The Novis System

1. Thorough Case Evaluation
Our initial case review and evaluation for care is unlike anything else. It includes a deep dive into what the patient is going through, goals & frustrations.
2. Extensive & Cutting Edge Testing
From salivary hormones, to leaky gut & epigenetic testing, we dive deeep to uncover the root causes of desease and begin to ascertain the best way to return to health.
3. Solving The Puzzle
Our multidisciplinary team of clinical experts gathers results from testing and puts it all together to understand the reasons why you have developed chronic desease or how to prevent developing them.
4. Fully Customized Treatment Plan
Every patinet is a completely unique being, with unique causes and triggers for the development of desease. It is for this very reason that the cookie cutter, pill for every ill, conventional approach commonly falls short. An individualized roadmap is our biggest claim to fame.

5. Sustainable ResultsĀ 

A month to month subscription based model makes cutting edge care very affordable for patients, while at the same time allowing the providers freedom of time, ensuring your success with things like lifestyle change, treatment compliance, support, etc.

Novis Health

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