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Measurable value with agility… Working as one. At RiskOne Group, we understand the value of keeping your employees healthy and productive to work. We offer an holistic approach and platforms for all real states.

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Working as One

Working as one…The perfect synergy. At RiskOne Group, we understand the value of finding the right solution to your business needs. Our team of professionals works together to offer advanced services in four areas of expertise: Insurance & Risk Management, Health & Benefits, Commercial Real Estate and Human Resources. At Risk One we embrace new challenges and are passionate about the work we do. Let’s work together! The next big thing for your business could be just One step away.

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In RiskOne Group, we have the right opportunity for you. We are committed to offer solutions by delivering the best options and results to people.

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Human Resources Senior Consulting Team with vast experience managing clients in Puerto Rico, Latin América and the US. Our core services focus in providing Business Strategies, Talent and Organizational Development, Human Resources solutions, delivering results through people for your business. With over 20 years of experience serving Fortune 500 and local companies, we are committed to offer solutions, exceptional service and delivering results to business and people.

Employers face a daunting challenge split between providing employees a competitive Health & Benefits program and balancing the financial burden of increasing healthcare costs. Keeping employees healthy and productive is a monumental task that has become one of the top priorities of employers in an ever increasing competitive environment. At RiskOne we pride ourselves in providing a unique value proposition that focuses on bringing to life value-based clinical programs focused on preventive aspects of care and effective management of drug trend.

We serve our clients as a boutique insurance brokerage firm with particular expertise in commercial and personal insurance as well as  surety. Our value proposition is predicated on our extensive experience in the insurance industry and our commitment to deliver a high-quality service. We are designed as a risk management consulting firm that provides our clients solutions to their risks, independent of their particular industries.

Business Consulting is the financial arm of RiskOne Group designed to meet today’s business challenges by helping financial executives deliver revenue growth, improve operating margins, increase shareholder value and improve asset efficiency. Our finance and accounting management consultants have deep industry knowledge and experience in delivering business solutions, organizations technology and regulatory environments.

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